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Welcome to Women in Uniform
The purpose of this site is to show pictures of women in most kind of uniforms. However, for practical reasons I have to set some limitations. I will concentrate on "nice" uniforms, thus eliminating most work and combat uniforms.

To find what's new, click on the "new pictures".

If you have any comments on the site or if you have pictures to share, send them to uniman@womeninuniform.eu

The Airline uniform page now has a link to a site, Airline Angels, showing Stewardess / Flight attendant uniforms.

The old site is now closed. My intention is to expand this site slowly as I have time for it.

Yahoo Geocities will close their service on October 26, 2009. From this day the old site will no longer be available. If you need to save any pictures, please do so now.

Yahoo Geocities have announced that they will close their service some time in 2009. I have decided to close the old pages at the same time.

This is a new start of the Women in Uniform site. This site will slowly expand. I will start with pictures that are mostly new. As I have so many pictures to chose from, I will try to pick the best pictures, where the old site showed almost anything I could get hold of.

I hope you will enjoy my site.

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