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Swedish military

Navy rating : 189.5
Mess uniform m/86
Mess uniform m/86 rating : 20.0
Mess uniform m/1878, Navy
Mess uniform m/86, Army
Mess uniform m/38, Air Force
Small mess uniform, Army
Small mess uniform, Air Force
Small mess uniform, Navy
Sweden 1.JPG rating : 78.4
Sweden 2.JPG rating : 69.2
Uniform m/87 K
Uniform m/87 K rating : 147.1
White skirt m/87
White skirt m/87 rating : 208.0
Uniform m/87
Uniform m/87 rating : 129.6
Uniform m/87 A. Officers daily uniform, Army
Uniform m/87 A with steelgrey skirt
Uniform m/87 A as everyday uniform
Uniform m/87 A as everyday uniform, Air Force
Tunica m/87
Tunica m/87 rating : 138.1
Work uniform m/98-93
Coat m/87
Coat m/87 rating : 81.8
Daily uniform with dark blue skirt m/85
Green skirt m/85 for work uniform m/87-93