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BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation)

The British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) was the British state airline from 1939 until 1946 and the long-haul British state airline from 1946. The company started life with a merger between Imperial Airways Ltd. and British Airways Ltd. Following a 1971 Act of Parliament, BOAC was merged in 1974 with British European Airways Corporation (BEA) to form British Airways.

The paper dress uniform was worn for a short time by BOAC stewardesses on Caribbean flights.
BOAC paper dress stewardess uniform 1967 (Designed by BOAC)
1970'ies rating : 147.1
1970'ies rating : 138.1
1960-1970'ies rating : 229.3
1950-1960'ies rating : 153.6
1950-1960'ies rating : 138.3
Stewardess,1952 rating : 102.1
40-50_LR_2.jpg rating : 101.4
40-50_LR_3.jpg rating : 128.0